“Can’t Go Home” by Josie Bello, from the album “Can’t Go Home”

Clever,beautiful,well made,heart breaking and intelligent and that’s the description of one of TMEfm  Radio’s favorite artists, the video is damn good too. 


The video and the song “Can’t Go Home” represent the feelings I have whenever I return back to the neighborhood where I grew up. My childhood home doesn’t look like the same place anymore, and most of the surrounding buildings have been replaced or refaced to the point that they would be unrecognizable if viewed out of context. The few friends who remain are the new “old” people — replacing the “old” people who were there when I was growing up. The video attempts to illustrate what it’s like to try to reconnect with your past by searching for the home you grew up in, which is impossible to find because as the song says “you can’t go home, ’cause it ain’t home no more, and it don’t exist the way it did before”. Even though it’s a sad song about the sense of loss associated with change and the passage of time, it does end on a positive note, rooted in my deeply held belief that someday our maker will call us home, we will be restored and all be together again. — Josie Bello



The song was produced by Mike Nugent at Melts In Your Ears Studio, mixed by Kevin Kelly at The Workshoppe East, and mastered by Mike Kalajian at Rogue Planet Mastering, New Paltz, NY. The album cover photo and design is by Frank Bello. “Can’t Go Home” is lead vocals and accordion by Josie Bello; electric guitar and bass by Mike Nugent; with drums by Jonathan Mele and background vocals by Kelly & Kat at www.KellyandKat.com.

The video was filmed an produced by Chris Pati, Founder & Chairman, IndiMusicTV, with set assistant Adrienne Fuchs. The outdoor footage was filmed on the grounds of Coindre Hall, one of Long Island’s famed Gold Coast.

“Phenomena” by Aussie Scots, from the album “It’s About Time”

With a best friend by your side, anything is possible. That includes going to #1 on their local radio station 2CC in Canberra with their infectious track Phenomena. And that’s exactly what happened when Aussie Scots gave a copy of their single to their local radio station years ago. Despite that success, the guys never released the single anywhere else until now, as they are including it in their debut album It’s About Time

Aussie Scots are best friends, bandmates and ex-pats from Scotland who relocated to Australia and with them took their lifelong passion for making music. Listeners of their local radio station 2CC have already gravitated towards their eclectic pop ways thanks to the stellar beat and captivating hook of Phenomena with its melodic barb and a lyrical approach that is unafraid. 

Aussie Scots write from a variety of perspectives, Phenomena is the perfect example of how deep they can get with their lyrical content. It’s all based on their belief in a hidden fourth dimension that exists between life and death. Whether or not there’s any reality to that is debatable but what’s not is that Phenomena energy is unbeatable, which is why it went straight to #1 on 2CC. 

Having the support of their immediate community, Aussie Scots are allowing the world to hear the music from their eleven track debut album, It’s About Time. An adventurous body of work imbued with a bold spirit and an undeniable sense of wonder. Ballads, spoken word and deep grooves are to be found as the this songwriting duo’s love for making music is on full display. 

With passion and candour, Aussie Scots revel in the freedom of song, their self-expression unmatched in its openness to connect, Phenomena proving to be true to it’s name. 

For Fans Of: The Proclaimers | Dexys Midnight Runners


“Sparrow” by Mean Mary, from the album “Cold”

Sparrow comes hot of the new release from our Mean Mary, October’s Album of the Month.


“Talking Reality Television Blues” by Todd Snider, from the album “Cash Cabin Sessions, Vol. 3”

Recording in the late Johnny Cash’s mancave, Snider slings wit, targets hypocrisy, interrogates the blues, and sees ghosts, with Amanda Shires and Jason Isbell assisting.

 Punchlines fly from the get-go (there’s no Vol. 1 or 2), with humanity the usual butt of the jokes, though Trump’s a target, too. Take “Talking Reality Television Blues,” a tribute to Dylan.

“Gotta Get Up” by Tomato/Tomato, from the album “Canary in a Coal Mine”

Four hundred fifty miles of hard Nebraska dirt 
Where the earth and sky embrace and the clouds do all the work. 
I’m running to the mountains, gonna hide out in the hills. 
I’m sick of politicians and the walls their lies have built. 

I miss those Sunday mornings of my early childhood. 
Where we learned to love each other and charity was good. 
Now they’re preaching fear and hate, ’cause love won’t fill the seats. 
So I’m looking for salvation above ten thousand feet. 

Gotta get up – above the crowd. 
It’s wild and it’s savage, I’m not taking any chances. 
Gotta get up – before I drown. 
Gotta get up ’cause I feel it coming down. 

It feels like there’s a reckoning brewing in the clouds. 
If forty days of rain should come, we’ll all need higher ground. 
Don’t look for me in Kansas, don’t look in Tennessee. 
I’ll be in the Rocky Mountains, praying on my knees. 

Gotta get up – above the crowd. 
It’s wild and it’s savage, I’m not taking any chances. 
Gotta get up – before I drown. 
Gotta get up ’cause I feel it coming down. 

I was naive to think that bigotry was frozen in the past. 
A display in some museum, safe behind the glass. 
But it’s alive and it is strong, and it’s marching in the streets. 
How n we tell our children, now it’s theirs….now it’s theirs to defeat? 

Gotta get up – above the crowd. 
It’s wild and it’s savage, I’m not taking any chances. 
Gotta get up – before I drown. 
Gotta get up ’cause I feel it coming down. 

Gotta get up – above the crowd. 
It’s wild and it’s savage, I’m not taking any chances. 
Gotta get up – before I drown. 
Gotta get up ’cause I feel it coming down.


from Canary in a Coal Mine, released March 1, 2019 
John McLaggan- Vocals, Guitar 
Lisa McLaggan- Vocals, Percussion 
Jon Estes- Bass, Piano, Organ 
Jeremy Fetzer- Guitars 
Jon Radford- Drums 
Spencer Cullum- Lap Steel 
Kris Karlsson- Banjoca

“Changes” by The Steel Woods, from the album “Old News”

Black Sabbath cover ‘Changes’ which to me initially seemed an odd choice but this soulful take tips a hat to the Charles Bradley version, while Stanton’s bass work is the backbone on which Bayliss and Cope are able to lay down a host of intricate guitar textures. The result is impressive and if you thought you’d heard enough versions of this Sabbath classic you’d be wrong.


“Devil’s Kiss” by Reloaded Norway, from the album “My Longest Mile”



Strong Rhythm and Slide guitars propel Heidi to her Devil’s Kiss on this track from the successful album My Longest Mile from Norway’s Reloaded.


More Roots Rock than Blues, Devil’s Kiss is a regular on TME’s shows.

“Two Trains” by Josie Bello, from the album “Can’t Go Home”

One our Favorite ladies recorded some great songs on her album Can’t go Home, this is a example of Josie’s great writing and performing.