Pony Creek – Pott County

Pony Creek, a musical collaboration between Ryan Osbahr and Billie Frost, was formed in the spring of 2016.  Hailing from the Omaha/Council Bluffs metro, the name “Pony Creek” is derived from a small creek by the same name that runs between the duo’s homes.

In May of 2016, along with a full band consisting of Eric Nelson (guitar), Travis Goddard (guitar, banjo, mandolin), George Cooper (bass), and Tim Blair (drums), Pony Creek released their debut album Easy Way Out to critical acclaim in the Midwest.  The album was nominated for “Album of the Year” by the Omaha Entertainment and Arts Awards and Pony Creek was nominated for “Best Country” artist by the same institution in 2016 and 2017.  For the past two summers, Pony Creek have become regulars in the Okoboji, Iowa music scene, consistently performing in front of sold out crowds.

Playing a variety of folk, blues, Americana, country and rock, Pony Creek has quickly made a name for themselves as one of the region’s hottest new acts.  Whether playing Spencer, Iowa’s Wheels Up festival for RAGBRAI 2017, Manning Main Street RAGBRAI 2018 festival, or rocking the crowd for southwest Iowa’s Tri City BBQ Fest in Denison, Pony Creek delivers family friendly entertainment that connects with all ages.  Opening for national artists such as Jeremy McComb (Nashville), The Voice alumni Curtis Grimes (Texas), Jason Eady (Jackson, MS), Jon Langston (Nashville), and Tucker Beathard (Nashville), the band continues to gain popularity in the Midwest region.

In September of 2018, Pony Creek released its follow up album entitled Pott County, a 15 track country/rock album that draws influences from Dwight Yoakam to Kacey Musgraves.  Pott County is a mash-up of storytelling that includes small town life, heartbreak, happiness, love, family, addiction, revenge, and more.  It was recorded in Omaha, Nebraska at ARC Studios and mastered by Lurssen Mastering, a world-renowned multi-Grammy Award winning mastering studio.  Pony Creek’s music can be found on AMI Jukeboxes nationwide.

Kara Grainger – Living With Your Ghost


Living with Your Ghost is a rich gumbo of different emotions. own, a relentlessly seductive, distinctly modern take on roots rock, blues, and Americana

Album Notes
Some people just have music running through their veins. Kara Grainger’s musical journey has
taken her all around the globe. From her inner city beginnings in the town of Balmain, Sydney
Australia, she’s since performed and toured in Japan, Indonesia, India, Switzerland, Germany,
England and the USA . Her sultry, mesmerizing vocals and fiery approach to blues and slide
guitar has caught the attention of many well-respected artists. She has opened shows for Peter
Frampton, Buddy Guy, Jonny Lang, Taj Mahal, Marc Cohn and Eric Johnson to name a few.

Around one year ago, Kara headed to Wire studios in Austin, Texas to record “Living With Your
Ghost”. The album was co-produced by Grammy award winner Anders Osborne, who also lends
his soulful guitar and vocals to the project. The album was engineered by Stuart Sullivan, also a
Grammy award winner, and the band included Ivan Neville on keys, The Texas Horns, J.J.
Johnson on drums, and Dave Monsey on bass.

The new album is a rich gumbo of different emotions and musical influences. There’s plenty of
reflection on the past, and a yearning for people that have come and gone; this is evident in the
title track, “Living With Your Ghost”, and the song “Nowhere to be Found”. “Working My Way
Back Home” tells about the struggle of love and life on the road as a traveling musician, while
songs like “Groove Train” and “You’re in New Orleans” uplift you from the day to day grind and
just leave you feeling good.

Bombino – Deran


After a period spent enchanting Western audiences and employing Western producers and studios, Tuareg guitar master Bombino (given name, Omara Moctar) touches back down in Africa for his energetic sixth LP Deran. Championed by fans and fellow musicians across the globe for his glowing amalgam of desert blues and Hendrix– and Knopfler-inspired classic rock, the Niger native has enjoyed an impressive run since breaking through with his 2011 album Agadez. Extensive North American tours, U.S. festival appearances, collaborations with members of the Rolling Stones, and two acclaimed albums produced by Americans Dan Auerbach (the Black Keys) and Dave Longstreth(the Dirty Projectors) cemented his reputation as an artistic ambassador of the Tamasheq language and the geopolitical conflicts of his native land.

With DeranBombino largely leaves the West to its own concerns, heading instead to a Moroccan studio in Casablanca to record under the lighter touch of his manager, Eric Herman. The resulting ten-song set comes across as more open, honest, and generally unfiltered than either of his previous two outings. While the struggles of the Tuareg people are addressed on tracks like the hard-edged reggae rock of “Tehigren” and the meditative acoustic-led “Adouni Dagh,” the overall tone of Deran is more optimistic and celebratory. Spry opener “Imajghane” sings the praises of Tuareg resilience while the vibrant “Tamasheq” is a literal love letter to the beauty of his native language. The album’s title itself translates to “best wishes,” a sentiment delivered to a groom on the deeply percussive “Deran Deran Alkheir.” As an addition to Bombino‘s already sterling catalog, Deran is another excellent release and a natural continuation of his distinctive style.