“Gonna Be Leaving” by Abigail Lapell, from the album “Getaway”

Call it prairie noir, or Canadiana desert rock: Abigail Lapell sings haunting, gorgeous modern folk songs, mapping epic natural landscapes and deeply intimate, personal territory. “Gonna Be Leaving” echoes with the irony of someone who threatens to leave yet never goes—and the certainty that, sooner or later, every relationship will… Continue reading

“Somewhere in the Middle” by Wes Weddell, from the album “Somewhere in the Middle”

  For the past twenty years, Wes Weddell has worked multiple shifts in the engine room of Seattle’s roots music scene asfrontman, sideman, writer, teacher, and community-builder. “Always heartfelt and well-constructed” (“Seattle Weekly”), listeners have come to expect Weddell’s songs to “speak for themselves” (“No Depression”).  Continue reading