“On the Water” by Josh Ritter, from the album “Fever Breaks”

  The notion of being drawn to another is also present in the nimbly fingerpicked, steel and piano accompanied On The Water (“I’m drawn to you., honey, like the sea to the fisherman’s daughter”), although this time the attraction is more positive (“I’ll be around it don’t matter what the others… Continue reading

“Gotta Get Up” by Tomato/Tomato, from the album “Canary in a Coal Mine”

Four hundred fifty miles of hard Nebraska dirt  Where the earth and sky embrace and the clouds do all the work.  I’m running to the mountains, gonna hide out in the hills.  I’m sick of politicians and the walls their lies have built.  I miss those Sunday mornings of my… Continue reading

“Death By Bliss” by Dudley Taft, from the album “Simple Life”

Cincinnati based guitarist Dudley Taft shows his softer side on his seventh album, “Simple Life,” revealing the depth of his influences from classic pop to blues to progressive rock. But, make no mistake, he retains that jagged edge guitar slinger profile that has brought him international acclaim. The collection of eleven original… Continue reading

“Where the Dogs Don’t Bite” by Old Salt Union, from the album “Where the Dogs Don’t Bite”

Old Salt Union has released their 4th studio album, WHERE THE DOGS DON’T BITE, on Compass Records. The album finds this non-traditional stringband digging deep into their eclectic and diverse interests to create this set of new music, which has already received praise in such publications as No Depression, Rolling… Continue reading

“The Galway Shawl” by Dervish, from the album “The Great Irish Songbook”

The Great Irish Songbook places songs front and centre. Undoubtedly the well-worn song selection here will be more accessible to a wider audience, but this come-all-ye gathering, with a raft of guest singers, features both vocal performances and arrangements, some of them pedestrian in the extreme. Steve Earle delivers a… Continue reading