“Unanswered Questions” by Dylan LeBlanc, not on the album “”Renegade”

“Will we meet again, long after the end?” asks Dylan LeBlanc in the new song “Unanswered Questions,” released via ATO Records on Tuesday. And though the Louisiana native’s latest is a weeper that wrestles with the mystery of what becomes of us when we die, the video feels more like a celebration of what we do in the brief time we’re alive.

Directed by Cal and Aly, the elegant clip shows LeBlanc in his proper element in the studio and on stage. In studio shots, he’s laying down his vocal parts and strumming his acoustic guitar, in addition to watching from the control room as the song’s lush string parts are brought to life. His stage shots, on the other hand, crackle with rock & roll energy, in stark contrast to the plaintive sounds of the song.

“Unanswered Questions” wasn’t included on LeBlanc’s 2019 album Renegade, which was produced by Dave Cobb. Truthfully, it might have sounded like an oddball among that project’s many jangling rockers that sonically referenced Fleetwood Mac, Todd Rundgren, and Tom Petty.


copy/pasted from Rolling Stone


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