“The Dreamer” by Che Apalache, from the album “Rearrange My Heart”


The band’s Joe Troop explains that “The Dreamer” is inspired by the story of Moises Serrano, a North Carolina-based friend of his whose story is the basis of the documentary film Forbidden: Undocumented and Queer in Rural America.

“As I wrote these lyrics, I worked closely with Moises in order to accurately convey his story, that of a DACA dreamer born in Mexico and raised in North Carolina, a state that makes life very difficult for undocumented people,” Troop says. “Undocumented immigrants in North Carolina are relentlessly villainized and rarely given a voice in regional media. This song attempts to humanize them.”

Sonically, the song pulls from the band’s diverse influences, which include bluegrass, flamenco, folk and rock. Troop, a North Carolina native, met the rest of Che Apalache while living in Argentina; both guitarist Franco Martino and mandolin player Martin Bobrik hail from Argentina, while banjo player Pau Barjau is from Mexico.

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