“An Ounce of Gold” by A Choir Of Ghosts, from the album “An Ounce of Gold”

Frontman James from A Choir Of Ghosts is to be found in the deep Scandinavian forest, fingerpicking the guitar to folksy melancholic tunes to long for, his biggest  musical influences lays in the reminiscence of Kurt Cobain, The Tallest Man on Earth and Hollow Coves. 


James wrote the single over 10 years ago, reflecting upon the break-up of his first love. It resembles  when your reality picture shatters to pieces and the cravings of finding home, may it be in people or a physical space. The single “An Ounce Of Gold” is an ode to past relationships and to go solo, spoken through elements of nature we’re all rooting back from. In the video we can see how he is searching for a place to call home, trying out different places, until he finds his peace in nature.

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Having released several singles – “Morning Light” reached 1.2 million plays on Spotify so far and counting – and the Woods EP, that caught the attention of international media, it brought ACOG beyond the wilderness of the North of Sweden, to explore Central Europe. With the upcoming debut album, also named “An Ounce of Gold” that is closely produced with Canadian producer Terry Benn (CA) and will be released by Greywood Records in 2019, A Choir Of Ghosts is roaring through, one forest at a time.


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