“Fallen Again” by Vandoliers, from the album “Forever”

Today Country Punky Vandoliers style Americana with “Fallen Again”

The two genres’ incongruity stems from punk’s belief in community and country’s reliance on solitude. Yet Vandoliers mediate the two dissimilarities in “Fallen Again”. Vandoliers’ figurative country character is lone and itinerant, detached from any semblance of community. Their misanthrope is one who has

“been reckless, careless and selfish

Foolish in the ways of love

I woke up downtown, concrete face down

Last night I fucked it all up.”

But unlike standard country, Vandoliers see a community as necessary for recuperation, a clear punk tenet. As Fleming sings,

“I’m still breathing

Barely holding on to the end of my rope…Can you spare some water, brother, I am dry

Can you give me a hand, I’ve fallen again

Teach me to breathe

Give me release

I can’t do this alone.”

Vandoliers imbue the classic country figure with punk’s emphasis on community thereby establishing an individualized take on the two genres.

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