Female Guitarist/Artist Johanna Chase releases her One-Take/One-Shot cover video of Whole Lotta Love

Veteran performer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Johanna Chase, released her first cover video and song of 2019.  In a one-shot/one-take video and audio collaboration with videographer, Mike Miller, Chase slams a 100 year old hollow-body fretboard against her mic stand to summon the special sauce of Robert Plant and Led Zeppelin to complete her garage rock recipe, a Lez Zeppelin dish.

Chase doesn’t care to keep a pretty face while howling this rock anthem and singing her own gender bending energy into her recording rig:
“Wanna give you my love…Wanna give you every inch of my love.”

The video was filmed by Mike Miller, as an energetic one-shot piece. The song was re-arranged, recorded, mixed and produced by Johanna Chase, herself. Johanna was first prompted to record covers by her then drummer, Robert DeLong (Glassnote Records), who has since become a rising EDM artist and producer. Since that prompt, Johanna has recorded many cover songs on her YouTube channel and beyond.

Johanna is setting out record new original material this year that she has been in studio arranging and writing for the last year.

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