Trainride – Southern Calling


‘Trainride’ is a band founded by Australian duo singer-guitarists Steve Bridger and Simon O’Neil. After 20 years of jamming and playing parties, Steve and Simo booked some studio time at The Grove Studios in Gosford, north of Sydney, where they met producer Josh Telford, who encouraged them to make an album.

Following on from a demo album, Steve and Simo were joined by legendary Brisbane guitarist Simon Gardner and the powerhouse rhythm section of David Shaw (drums) Tommy Hynes (bass) and Michael Hynes (keyboards), and ‘Trainride’ was born. A couple more songs ‘Give it Back’ and ‘Bout The Song’ were recorded in Brisbane and the debut album ‘Southern Calling’ (after the title track) was finished in 2017.

A journey through southern rock, outlaw country, and some stations which may not have a name.

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