James Ellis & the Jealous Guys – It Ain’t Texas (But It Ain’t Bad)

Two of the best live-music cities in the world combine in this honky-tonk album from Melbourne band James Ellis & the Jealous Guys.

Album Notes
“James Ellis has his cowboy boots firmly in Melbourne and his heart in Austin Texas … and as good country music should, he’s guaranteed to have you two steppin’ or cryin’ tears in your beer.” –Denise Hylands, Twang on 3RRR FM.

“The track [‘Have You Ever Seen Her’] is pure classic country with Ellis’ voice feeling like it’s been pulled directly from the 70s.” —Timber and Steel

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  1. Really Traditional Country and Western Music my Listners will run out to the stores and want to buy your music.Im a Country Music Promoter 50+ years in CWM .
    If you’d love Free Air Play I’ll put you on two stations where your music will travel far away ,England/ Ireland/ Scotland/ Wales. many EU Country you’ll be very please to pick our stations,if you don’t well I’m sorry.
    David Markham.
    My DJs friends will push your music .
    Dave .

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