Becky Kapell – That Certain Ache

For Becky Kapell, the truth was out there. “I was listening to Terry Gross interview David Duchovny when The X Files were coming out again,” Kapell recalls. “She asked him about the relationship between Scully and Mulder, and he said, ‘Well, it definitely had that certain ache.’ And I just really liked that line and I knew what he meant.”

Thanks to Duchovny, Kapell came away with what would become the title of her new album, That Certain Ache. Kapell celebrates the release of the album with a show on Friday, May 18, at the Hook & Ladder in Minneapolis. Ahead of the release, Kapell, along with guitarist and album producer Paul Bergen, stopped at Radio Heartland for a conversation with Mike Pengra.

Although Duchovny provided the title, Kapell says the melodies are largely influenced by Dolly Parton. Kapell has long been inspired by classic country. “It probably started with Johnny Cash,” she says. “When I was a kid, my mom had all the 45s she’d bought from 1958 up to maybe 1962 or so. She had ‘Ring of Fire’ … I think that’s where it started.”

The video for the album’s title track was inspired by something special in Kapell’s house. “It’s actually a hand-painted mural,” Kapell explains. “I don’t know what year the mural was painted; the house was built in 1926. The mural was painted by the woman that lived there for 68 years, her name was Constance Hanson; her husband built the house. Sarah Jean Shervin, who directed that video, saw my bathroom at some point and decided to make a video in there of some sort, and then she heard my song ‘That Certain Ache’ and she was inspired to do that.”


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