Rumahoy – The Triumph Of Piracy

Hello me mateys! Gather around and grab an ale, for today we parley about the new swashbucklers walking the plank, Rumahoy!

Rumahoy, (“hell yeah, we found alcohol guys!”, for those of you who don’t speak the pirate tongue), is one of the debut bands coming into existence right at the fresh beginning of 2018, and it’s not a direction, I assume everybody was aware of.


The band is a 4 piece, pirate themed fusion between power and thrash metal, who take upon the high seas and sing their tales loud enough to reach the furthest of lands. The line up consists of a very solid crew going by the names of Captain Yarrface as frontman, Bootsman Walktheplank riffing the guitars, Cabin Boy Treasurequest on bass and Swashbuckling Pete on the drum kit.


As for the treasure they bring forward, their debut album is promptly titled ‘The Triumph of Piracy’, is a perfectly organized nine track record packed with riffing, folk instrumentation and melodic choruses much along the lines of KorpiklaaniEquilibriumFintroll, and fellow sealubbers Alestorm, whom they tour with this year.

The album starts off with the opening “AHOY!”, a fairly jivey introduction of the crew on deck by the Captain himself. “Quest for Heritage” has guitars on the spotlight being the most melodic track in the record, and tracks like “Forest Party” and “Huffman the Pirate King” have sea shanty- styled choruses, which have fun easy hooks, perfect for sing alongs like ones in the pirate’s fantasies of being shipwrecked on an island of mermaids.

While the songs are lively and upbeat, I feel the lyrics could do a lot more better, especially much better than the repetitive use of the word ‘Yarr’, to an extent where a few usages make no sense, and the repeated mentions of finishing the rum across every song. (Or is this all a part of the Pirate avatar?)

“Netflix and Yarr” (again, Yarr usage as mentioned) takes all the cake for being the most random, yet catchiest song the album has to offer, with no correlation to the rest of the pirate tales involved. The album bids farewell with the title track which after 5 minutes, fades back into a headbanging rhythm while the Bootsman shreds over the guitar only to be kicked back into the chorus, “War in the sea, War in the sand, this is the triumph of piracy!”


Overall, Rumahoy has dropped a fairly fine anchor for its debut record, with lots of space to improve as more tales of the sea come along. The choruses surely will keep the party grooving, and will serve as the perfect comrade in making every road trip sound a little extra adventurous.

‘The Triumph of Piracy’ is a headbanging record flowing with treasure, battles at sea, and lots of rum! Apart from it being a metal album, it’ll surely be appreciated by people in pirate-based fandoms. Works best alongside a huge group of drunk people

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