“Big and Wide as the Sky” by Joy Zimmerman, from the album “To the Girl”


Joy Zimmerman is a soulful singer-songwriter known for compelling vocals, award-winning songwriting and engaging performances. A multi-instrumentalist, Joy performs solo, in a duo and with a full band.


Smooth and sweet, “Big and Wide as the Sky” is a perfect showcase for Joy.


Big and Wide as the Sky: words & music by Joy Zimmerman (BMI), copyright 2019. From the album, To the Girl, produced by Joy Zimmerman and Jimmy Dykes. Recorded at Weights and Measures Soundlab. Download here: https://joyzimmermanmusic.com/new-rel… For more information: joyzimmermanmusic.com

John Prine – “Paradise” featuring Kelsey Waldon

Shortly after being signed to Oh Boy Records, Kelsey Waldon & John Prine went into the studio to celebrate! Although Kelsey and John have sung together many times on stage this was their first time time singing together in the studio. Recorded by Gena Johnson at her Studio G these two tracks play up both artists love of Kentucky.


“Sparrow” by Mean Mary, from the album “Cold”

Sparrow comes hot of the new release from our Mean Mary, October’s Album of the Month.


“Leave Me Now” by Lula Wiles, from the album “What Will We Do”

Long before they were in a band together, the members of Lula Wiles were singing folk songs and trading fiddle tunes at camp in Maine. “All of us were lucky to have access to the folk music community at a young age,” Burke says. “The music traditions that we’re drawing on are social, community-building traditions.” On those warm summer nights, playing music was just plain fun. But the members of Lula Wiles carry those early lessons of community and the meaning of shared art with them to this day, as they seek to create music that questions cultural virtues, soothes aching wounds, and envisions a better world.


“Surrender” by Pat Byrne, from the album “Rituals”



An Irish singer and recording artist, Pat Byrne hails from Borris, County Carlow.  

 “Pat’s voice strikes an emotional chord with his audience; ranging from seductive whisper one moment, to full-bodied rock ‘n’ roll growl the next.” – Stuart Gray, Hot Press Magazine

“Lean on Me, Love” by Merry Hell, from the album “Anthems to the Wind”

On our rating of 1 > 5 stars a few songs actually get a 6, not many but some, this is one of them.

‘Lean On Me, Love’ is a song that has grown to be a warm-hearted, spirited show stopper since its first appearance back in 2011.

“Hi-Fi Love” by Chris & Adam Carroll, from the album “Good Farmer”



“Harmony” in music is really a pretty simple concept. Sing the notes, practice, and (hopefully) make beautiful music together. “Chemistry,” on the other hand, eludes easy definition, which is maybe part of the reason it’s so difficult to attain. Chris and Adam Carroll have that chemistry. Not because they done got hitched (although, they did, in 2013), but because they’ve naturally developed a musical gift that’s brought them to record their first album as a duo, Good Farmer.


That chemistry jumps through the headphones on the very first track, “Hi-Fi Love”, and it’s because of their different styles that the song, and the entire record, succeeds so well. Originally written with Scott Nolan, the singers made a few changes so they could perform it as a duo, and they make it both funny and endearing, like the cool couple you wish you knew. Along the way, they drop gems like, “You’ve been drinkin’/Like a bricklayer’s daughter”, “Seems like she left me/In a wolf and sheep kinda world”, and “Freebird rockin’/White trash, h-fi love.” Their vastly different vocal styles (Adam croons easily in a drawl that’s somewhere between Southern and Texan, while Chris’s flawless voice might remind you of Alison Krauss) helps those great lines land just right.

“Gotta Get Up” by Tomato/Tomato, from the album “Canary in a Coal Mine”

Four hundred fifty miles of hard Nebraska dirt 
Where the earth and sky embrace and the clouds do all the work. 
I’m running to the mountains, gonna hide out in the hills. 
I’m sick of politicians and the walls their lies have built. 

I miss those Sunday mornings of my early childhood. 
Where we learned to love each other and charity was good. 
Now they’re preaching fear and hate, ’cause love won’t fill the seats. 
So I’m looking for salvation above ten thousand feet. 

Gotta get up – above the crowd. 
It’s wild and it’s savage, I’m not taking any chances. 
Gotta get up – before I drown. 
Gotta get up ’cause I feel it coming down. 

It feels like there’s a reckoning brewing in the clouds. 
If forty days of rain should come, we’ll all need higher ground. 
Don’t look for me in Kansas, don’t look in Tennessee. 
I’ll be in the Rocky Mountains, praying on my knees. 

Gotta get up – above the crowd. 
It’s wild and it’s savage, I’m not taking any chances. 
Gotta get up – before I drown. 
Gotta get up ’cause I feel it coming down. 

I was naive to think that bigotry was frozen in the past. 
A display in some museum, safe behind the glass. 
But it’s alive and it is strong, and it’s marching in the streets. 
How n we tell our children, now it’s theirs….now it’s theirs to defeat? 

Gotta get up – above the crowd. 
It’s wild and it’s savage, I’m not taking any chances. 
Gotta get up – before I drown. 
Gotta get up ’cause I feel it coming down. 

Gotta get up – above the crowd. 
It’s wild and it’s savage, I’m not taking any chances. 
Gotta get up – before I drown. 
Gotta get up ’cause I feel it coming down.


from Canary in a Coal Mine, released March 1, 2019 
John McLaggan- Vocals, Guitar 
Lisa McLaggan- Vocals, Percussion 
Jon Estes- Bass, Piano, Organ 
Jeremy Fetzer- Guitars 
Jon Radford- Drums 
Spencer Cullum- Lap Steel 
Kris Karlsson- Banjoca

“Violin Tsunami” by Kishi Bashi, from the album “Omoiyari”

“Violin Tsunami” builds a single violin line into a cinematic wall of sound. “A Brazilian Japanese friend of mine is a violin maker, and he presented me with a wonderful violin to play. He had named it Tsunami, and had worked on it while the Fukushima Nuclear disaster was unfolding,” Kishi Bashi explains. “This song is about the chaos that nature can create, and also about the healing and rebuilding that the human spirit is capable of.”

“Adobe Road” by Cej, from the album “Adobe Road”

Today the album Adobe Road starts its month as our Spotlight album. Here is the title track and it is a beaut. my son says fantastic, many other listeners have raved about the track and the album.