“Eyes” by Chelsea Rose


Chelsea Rose is a songstress and sorceress of the arts.

Channeling through guitar, songwriting and visual arts, she shines an honest light on human truths. Themes of hope, heartache, love and its counterparts are prevalent in her work.

Born and raised in Riverside, CA Chelsea currently lives in Los Angeles. Through songwriting and self producing she conjures a timeless yet modern sound which echoes sentiments of bossa nova, jazz and R&B classics. As a photographer and art director, Chelsea’s artistic eye enables her to carefully craft a visual dream world in which one may easily be swept away. The vision is strong; a vibrant perspective often arises from destruction.

The creation of Chelsea Rose began with a flood. A pipe burst in her home studio, causing water to fill the room, covering drums, amps, guitars and other prized equipment. The scene took place the night before her final show as Summer Twins – a band she spearheaded for 10 years, backed by her sister, Justine.

Asking the Universe for a clean slate, she was given just that. With the ending of a chapter she was gifted the opportunity to explore a new identity, to explore what it means to exist and grow as an artist in the modern world. This enlightenment gave rise to a new band in which Chelsea Rose takes center stage on lead guitar and vocals, backed by Andy Moran on guitar, Seamus Blackwell on bass, Charlie Weinmann on drums and Alice Sandahl on keyboard.

This band thrives on a high frequency. Their powerful performance recalls a dream of the past while igniting a hope for the future. Chelsea Rose beckons you to join in and see the world “la vie en rose.”


“Train 66” by Black Cat Biscuit, from the album “That’s How the Cookie Crumbles”

 With Train 66 the Biscuits immediately start the album with a snazzy, somewhat dirty, intro. Then comes a cracker up-tempo blues song.


The biscuits are from Belgium



“Changes” by The Steel Woods, from the album “Old News”

Black Sabbath cover ‘Changes’ which to me initially seemed an odd choice but this soulful take tips a hat to the Charles Bradley version, while Stanton’s bass work is the backbone on which Bayliss and Cope are able to lay down a host of intricate guitar textures. The result is impressive and if you thought you’d heard enough versions of this Sabbath classic you’d be wrong.


HOT new single from Bonnie Montgomery feat. Rosie Flores “You Can’t Shake”

EXCITED doesn’t begin to describe how we are about “You Can’t Shake” from Bonnie Montgomery featuring Rosie Flores!  These Ameripolitan Award winners (both living in Austin, TX) teamed up to give you a hot rocker perfect for this hot summer weather!  

Press release:
New Track Produced by Rockabilly Icon Rosie Flores

Award–winning singer/songwriter Bonnie Montgomery has shared her propulsive new single ‘You Can’t Shake’ to be released digitally on August 9.  Produced by country/rockabilly icon Rosie Flores, the track was recorded at yellow DOG Studios in Wimberley, TX.  Not only does ‘You Can’t Shake’ showcase Montgomery’s artistic versatility and vocal prowess, it also features Flores’ extraordinary guitar shredding.  

Of the song, Montgomery says, ‘You Can’t Shake’ is “a song I wrote about resilience and having a spirit that can’t be broken.  Rosie [Flores] heard it and wanted to cut it with me and produce.  I promptly said ‘hell yes’ and she gave it the full rock-n-roll Rosie Flores treatment.”
This is the first new recording from Montgomery since the release of her critically lauded album ‘Forever’ (2018) which drew praise from Paste (“timeless songwriting”), Popmatters (“stunningly authentic, honest-to-goodness songwriting reminiscent of the old country greats”) and more.  The Arkansas native has been touring extensively in support of this release including a continuous run with one of Texas music’s biggest legends, Ray Wylie Hubbard.  In addition, Montgomery recently won the Ameripolitan Outlaw Female of the Year (2016), ACMA Female Vocalist of the Year (2018) and ACMA Americana Artist of the Year (2018/2019).

Though Montgomery is known for her sublime vocals and musical storytelling, the classically trained opera singer also gained notoriety for composing “The Billy Blythe Opera” in 2016. The short-length opera about Bill Clinton’s youth in Hot Springs, AR has earned the attention of The New Yorker, Huffington Post, Christian Science Monitor and more.


“…She really sets herself apart from other traditional women of country and her contemporaries.  Bonnie Montgomery is here telling country music that she is strong-willed and has a true outlaw attitude.” –Country Perspective  

“Bonnie Montgomery is a sophisticated bad-ass who was born to sing.”  -Dale Watson
“She got it goin’ on.”  -Ray Wylie Hubbard

“Montgomery’s music sent listeners through time to the era of Patsy, Loretta and the Hanks…not bad for a girl from small town Arkansas.”–No Depression

“Nothing But The Blues” by John Verity, from the album Where’s the love?



A beautiful Blues ballad  for your delight today.

John Verity, the man and musician who is ‘blue to his soul’ and for years one of the most consistent performers on the blues rock circuit. Opening for Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and others in the USA and then with Argent, he spent time in the studio recording and guesting with amongst many others; Saxon The Zombies, Colin Blunstone and Ringo Starr. John is now experiencing a musical renaissance through live appearances and CD and vinyl releases.


“The Day We Learn Why” by Rob Heath, from the album Ticket to Everywhere.


Canadian Rob wrote a profound song, a sad song, a song not to enjoy but to savor.



She invites me to her room; One that she’ll be leaving soon
Eyes that tell with no regret; Secrets I’m too young to get
Maybe I’m not ready yet

I start to play she sings along almost like she wrote the song
She remembers how it goes all those words and all those notes
That I’d forgotten why I wrote

Heaven knows that the most important days of our lives
Are the day we were born and the day we learn why

Laid bare in her hospital gown and all the ways it strips you down
Its such a humbling sight to see her finding in that melody
A part of who she used to be

Though I came here to entertain she seems to have forgot her pain
I tell myself “She’s showing you the purpose in this thing you do
I wonder who is helping who.”

Edmonton-based singer/songwriter Rob Heath is first and foremost a storyteller. Nothing human is alien to Heath; hence he has a keen eye for observance of the human condition and an ardent ear for putting it all to music.

Heath’s songs speak of the lessons- good and bad- he has obviously learned during his life. Emotionally, he resides in a borderless world. His songs run the gamut from: whimsical, skeptical, explosive, introspective, hopeful, heart-rending, brooding, clever, and at times simply about true love and all of them brutally honest.

The concept of being concise does not escape him, and he presents astute assessments of life in a three to four minute format. The delivery is succinct, and his approach is what makes Heath’s vocals noteworthy. His phrasing allows the lyric to shine.

There’s myriad subject matter and musical styles, yet there is a tie that binds. It’s that Heath’s music is relatable poetry, supported by listener-stickable melodies.

The quality of Heath’s songwriting has been widely recognized. Over the years accolades for his songs have been many: won first place in the Calgary Folk Music Festival “Songwriting Contest”, won the New Folk competition at the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival, and won a Canadian Radio Music Award for “Songwriter of the Year”, nominated for Canadian Folk Music Award’s “Songwriter of the Year”. Over 200 radio stations on six continents have played his music, and he’s been on songwriting panels for AMIA, WCMA and SAC. He has had publishing deals with Glen Campbell Music, Don Goodman Music and Criterion/Atlantic Music.