Milly Raccoon – You’re In Country Country

Fiddle player and singer Milly Raccoon roams the continent, bringing her quirky, edgy music and art to unsuspectingcitizens. Her original songs and musical stylings seem to have traveled magically out of the past, emulating classic country, traditional jazz, and old-world Celtic music. 

The Hangin’ Cowboys – West

The Hangin’ Cowboys are a high-energy country band. They can make the audience laugh, cry, shout and sing. The Hangin’ Cowboys sound is firmly rooted in the traditional sound of Americana. 

Band members include:
SHAUN SPARKS: Lead vocals acoustic guitar
JEFF “FANNY” SCHNITTKER: Electric guitar, vocals
RUSS EIKERMAN: Bass, boots
“SMALL DAVE” MERRITT: Keys & Oratory
“Mello” Matt Ihrig: Drums

Ben de la Cour – The High Cost of Living Strange

“Ben de la Cour is a master storyteller who pairs his narratives with dense arrangements and an unforeseen sense of drama and deliberation.” – GOLDMINE MAGAZINE

“Plaintive story-songs showcasing affecting, plainspoken vocals and narrative lyricism.”

Angela Meyer – Consequence

A breathe of new life into Western music, Consequence takes on a landscape as untamed and romanticized as the American West itself.


A storyteller with a passion for her listeners, Angela pulls in the crowd with a sweet voice and brutal honesty. She knows what it means to be out in the audience, her earliest memory is dancing in a smoky tent while her mama sang on stage at the Iowa State Fair. Even before she could talk, Angela sang along with the radio and listened to the record player in her grandparent’s home. They introduced her to country music and gave her a guitar for Christmas. Compared to her 10 year old self, the guitar was so large she laid it flat across her lap to learn three chords. Angela has never strayed far from those three chords and the truth, finally picking up the guitar to accompany her songwriting at 15. Music has always been her favorite escape, and at just 16 years old she landed her first paid gig to start sharing her songs from the stage.

In her now 25 years of life, Angela has witnessed many changes to “country music” and how it is defined. Angela sees it as the fans speaking up about what’s getting radio play lacking authenticity. Listeners don’t need to be educated on music theory or the music industry to know what they are hearing is over-produced & under-thought. In a world more concerned about image than content, Angela boldly offers authenticity in her artistry. She does not give a second thought to the fact that she is a young woman; she just delivers her intention with conviction. Each person she encounters lends inspiration that only a hundred lifetimes could give. That translates to writing that paints a whole picture of the human experience, wisdom far beyond her years.

Angela is taking her lifetime dream of being a country music artist and turning it into her lifestyle. Her goal is to make music her career and help people along the way. Currently, she is finishing up her first album, Consequence, to be released April 21st, 2018. She performs live shows across the country at cowboy poetry gatherings, western events, and other events. Along with playing live shows, she also posts videos to her YouTube (angelacmeyer) and Facebook (angelameyer23) every Thursday.

Wood & Wire – North Of Despair

You can’t rightly say that bluegrass bands have never gone out of style, but they’ve certainly never gone away – even if they’re not as popular as they once were. Wood & Wire is a band that will make you glad bluegrass has never gone away.

It doesn’t take long to realize that this is traditional bluegrass. “Eliza” is a song that features some amazing picking – just like you hear from classic bluegrass acts like Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys. If the picking in this song doesn’t get you stomping your feet, it’s hard to know what will. The vocals also bring classic bluegrass to mind. It’s hard not to think of “Black-Eyed Susie” when you hear the chorus of this song.

One thing that has always been a staple of bluegrass is an instrumental song that allows all the band members to showcase their considerable skills. “Summertime Rolls” is one of the instrumental songs on this album, and you can’t help but be impressed with the picking. When you listen to the banjo and mandolin in particular, it’s hard to imagine fingers moving that quickly. Meanwhile, the bass player drives the song with a thumping bass line. Don’t be surprised if you’re out of breath just listening to this one. “Wingding” is another instrumental showcase for the band, It may not be as fast in tempo as “Summertime Rolls”, but it still shows what all the band members can do. It’s pretty difficult to stay still when you hear this one – especially when you hear the bass line.

“Just Don’t Make ’em” is another song that is incredibly impressive. The lyrics are about someone’s dad who would fix any broken thing by himself, and another man that built his own house by himself. As good as the lyrics are, the banjo is really the thing that grabs your attention. Throughout the song, Trevor Smith plays at a speed that is hard to comprehend. Even without seeing his hands, you know they were moving at an incredible speed when this song was recorded.

Like most traditional bluegrass, this album features a lot of short songs. It contains 11 songs, but only lasts for 39 minutes, which leaves you wanting more of the amazing picking and harmony vocals. If you’re a fan of bluegrass, this is an album you should add to your collection.

Jeremy Parsons – Things I Need To Say

“Things I Need To Say” has Jeremy Parsons embark on a great journey, with a tender folk style informing the entirety of the album. Details matter a great detail from the tenderness of the fiddle to the reassuring vocals that grace every track. Best of all the entire album comes together as a great story, with each song yet another chapter. Lyrics emphasize the daunting demands that life often requires in order to truly excel. Opting for such a style the colorful rush of melody and rhythm further adds to the soothing nature.  Stylistically the pieces are rooted in folk, with elements of chamber pop, country, rock, and even the blues coming into a singular whole.


On “Makin’ Things Up As I Go” Jeremy Parsons starts the album on a high note, as the light sunny sound goes for a celebratory spirit. Much more introspective in nature is the gentle” Life”. A distinctly western twang with fine slide guitar frames the powerful “Circumstance”. Blues informs the swinging “Purpose”. Slowing things down into a languid pace the contemplative “Lisa’s Lost” goes through the sad events that unfortunately can take a prominent place in a person’s life. Light flourishes work wonders on the dreamy “After All These Years”. With an autumnal flavor “Things I Need To Say” serves as the highlight of the album, guided with a strong sense of honesty. Nicely bringing the album together is the delicate “Why Is The Bluebird Blue”.


Jeremy Parsons crafts an album with a unique vision, one that feels earnest, honest, and so real.

Hoyt Axton – The Jeremiah Records Collection

About this release

Few composers could list an array of artists as diverse as BB King, Steppenwolf, Elvis Presley, Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie, John Denver, Waylon Jennings, The Crusaders, The Kingston Trio and Ringo Starr who have covered their songs. Hoyt Axton’s best-known song ‘Joy To The World’, a # 1 hit for the American vocal band Three Dog Night in 1971, starts with the line “Jeremiah was a bullfrog, was a good friend of mine”. Hence, after many albums with the Vee-Jay, Capitol, A&M and MCA labels through the 60s and 70s, when Axton started his own record label in 1979 he named it Jeremiah Records.

This 5 CD clamshell box set features all five Jeremiah Records albums in facsimile wallets, and along with a 32 page booklet featuring the lyrics, musician credits, and annotation.

The first album “Rusty Old Halo” features ‘Della And The Dealer’, a hit in both the US and the UK, as well as three more US country hits. Follow-up album “Where Did The Money Go?” (1980) featured more hits, while 1981’s “Live” featured renditions of his songs made famous by others, like ‘No No Song’, ‘Lion In The Winter’, ‘Never Been To Spain’ and ‘Joy To The World’. Released in 1982 and 1990, “Pistol Packin’ Mama” and “Spin Of The Wheel” bookended Axton’s TV and film career in the 80s, most notably in “Gremlins”.

Axton’s music al guests across the albums include Dr John, Stephen Stills, James Burton, Glenn D. Hardin, Jeff Baxter, Garth Hudson, Paul Butterfield, Bill Kirchen, and Byron Berline.

Jim Chesnut – I Sure Do Miss My Hair

Jim Chesnut creates Americana country music with both melody and story.


Album Notes
I found a malignant tumor at the base of my tongue in June of 2017. I stopped performing for several months during treatment and watched several hundred hours of NCIS reruns. I love that show.

During that time I wondered if I would ever be able to produce another album; but, as I slowly began to regain my strength, I began to tire of the sofa and started writing songs again; and here are a few of them.

I would like to thank and recognize three talented musicians for their invaluable contributions to this collection. First, my feisty friend, Jerry Blanton, played pedal steel and lead nylon guitar. Second, A-list studio player, Alan Kolby, played lead electric guitar, and third, Don McRee (who never quits ’till he gets it right) played harmonica.

I would be remiss if I did not recognize my muse and wife, Christine, for her unwavering love and support through this ordeal. I have included a newly recorded version of I’ll Love You Forever (our wedding song) on this album to express my undying gratitude to her for her presence in my life. She inspired two other songs, Just in the Nick of Time and Before I Met You, which are also included in the album. It ain’t easy being married to mercurial me!

This CD would not be possible if not for the San Antonio medical professionals who treated and cared for me during this uncertain time. Dr. Richard Newman (an ENT specialist) referred me to Dr. Lon Smith (an oncologist) at the START Center, which is staffed by an incredible group of people—so caring and proficient. Dr. Mark Weinstein (a dermatologist) took care of some chemo-caused lesions on my scalp and neck.

Finally, I wish to thank my friends Daniel Laser, Jim Hartwell and Rick Dryden who drove and/or accompanied me to a variety of appointments during the treatment months. I could not have done this without your help.
—Jim C.

Heath Loy – Drakesville

An album filled with traditional and contemporary bluegrass/country music.

Drakesville features Minnesota musician, Heath Loy, on the banjo. Stellar cover tunes along with fresh originals make this album a must have… played and sung by some of the finest bluegrass musicians around. Recorded at Slack Key Studio in Nashville TN.