The Cory Grinder Band – Cahoots & Other Favorites

With a deep love for classic country music, The Cory Grinder Band writes original honky tonk tunes for those who love that old hillbilly sound. Cory, from Akron, Ohio leads the group playing rhythm guitar, fiddle, and singing with pedal steel/electric guitar player Stephen “Tebbs” Karney. Gluing the group together is veteran bass player, Jason Willis. Between them the members of the band have quite a bit of experience playing for local venues (House of Blues, Beachland Ballroom) and national programs (NPR’s “On Point,“ SXSW.) Their entertaining live performances are full of fun, upbeat songs and the silly antics of the band. Always trying to have a good time, it’s not unusual to see the group switching around instruments and bringing guests into the fold.

Josh Grigsby and Country Line – Love Life and Misery

Good time original, classic, contemporary and gospel bluegrass music that will surely get your toes tappin’ and your hands clappin’.

Recognized as one of Virginia’s fast rising new bluegrass bands, Josh Grigsby and County Line was awarded the 2015 Bluegrass Band of Virginia Championship by the Virginia Folk Music Association. The VFMA is the only organization in Virginia sanctioned by the Governor of Virginia to hold Virginia Bluegrass, Gospel and Country Music “Championship Contests” and to induct Virginia Artists into the VA Country Music Hall of Fame. In addition to winning the Band Championship, Josh Grigsby was voted first place Male Vocals and, Judge Parker was voted third place Male Vocals. The band was also the winner of the 2014 East Coast Band Competition at the Bluegrass by the Bay Festival in Gloucester, Virginia. Band members are Crystal Grigsby (vocals), Mark Mills (guitar, vocals), Whitney Perkins (Dobro), Robert Kidd (bass), “Judge” Parker (banjo, vocals) and, of course, Josh Grigsby on guitar and lead vocals. The band has three CDs under their belt, Changes in the Tides, Ruby Lane Memories and Love, Life and Misery. Find out more about our band on FaceBook and our website.
The title of the CD was inspired by the original tune “This Old Town”, which was written by Mark Mills, lead guitarist at Josh Grigsby and County Line, along with Tommy Valentine. The tune is sure to bring back memories of the listener’s home town. Another original that is featured on the CD; was written by Josh Grigsby titled You Can Call me lonesome. This song was written after his learning of a friends heartbreak. Another song of note was penned by Tunesmith, David Norris, who written songs for some of bluegrasses’ best. When presented to the band, they all fell in love with this tune – titled Fields of Indiana. This release is a mix of several styles of bluegrass music; hard driving classics, beautiful love ballads, story-telling songs, soulful gospel and more. The band is excited to release this CD and hopes the fans will enjoy listening to it as much as they enjoyed recording it.

The King James Boys – Time To Go Home

The King James Boys are an all gospel, bluegrass band that blends southern gospel harmonies with modern bluegrass sounds. After much encouragement and prayer, The King James Boys were led to pursue ministering and singing abroad. The King James Boys are still doing what they started out doing and that is sharing the gospel with others through the music!

Gary Allegretto – Blues on the Trail

In his 5th recording, Allegretto leaves the well-trodden path and blazes a new trail creating a rare, original, exciting, and cohesively themed record that intently and seamlessly mixes Cowboy and Blues genres – fresh and classic at the same time.

Stryker Brothers – Burn Band

There’s a mythical, fraternal pair known only as the Stryker Brothers whose ghostly chords and verses have haunted the desolate Texas prairies for decades. There isn’t much known about the brothers. No legal records of the two exist. It was only a year ago that a set of original, reel-to-reel tapes were discovered. Those who had come across the Stryker Brother’s music before the tapes were discovered were rumored to be transfixed by what they’d heard… drawn in like moth to flame. Entranced.

Many drove for days into the barren Texas landscape to feel closer to the Strykers’ ghostly serenade, some never to return. So, what happened to the brothers? Did they really perish in a prison fire? Did they go into hiding? Are they ghosts, earth-bound, playing for eternity under a lonely Texas sky? Perhaps we’ll never know, but it is said that during the hottest Texas summer nights — if you listen carefully — you can hear their intoxicating melodies playing amid the moonlit shadows on those desolate desert plains.

Zoli Althea Browne – Never Too Old To Heal

Album Notes
Never Too Old To Heal supports recovery work, wounded child work, and spiritual renewal. I began my CODA recovery work in 1988 and continue working the 12 Steps to this day, one day at a time. After a double-header day of two meetings back to back, I intuited that we are indeeed never too old to heal! A participant had just stated that “ it is never too late to have a happy childhood”. Since I was nowhere near that understanding, I sought understanding by beginning to write the lyrics and music for this cd. I lived in Olympia, Wa. and was raising Scottish Highland cattle, but realized I required a change of scenery and energy to work on this project, away from my farm work. So, every weekend for the next couple months I stayed in the top left side room at the old Governor’s House Hotel on Capitol Way, to ponder, process and write. I finally recorded and released this cd early in 2010. Now living in Montana, I still honor those first difficult years of recovery work…I still choose daily not to drink alcohol. Some days are better than others, but after 30 years of challenging, continuing recovery work I still maintain that we are never too old to heal. This cd is a bit of a 4th step presented with the love and aspiration coming from the 12th. Many blessings and love to you!

The Whispering Tree – Invisible Forces

Richly immersive folk-rock brimming with evocative lyrics and a panoramic musicality. This album explores a deeply personal and political landscape, with messages of hope, despair and social consciousness.

Album Notes
Called “one of the most talented duos to take stage in NYC” by Deli Magazine, The Whispering Tree includes singer/songwriter Eleanor Kleiner and multi-instrumentalist Elie Brangbour. Together, they craft richly immersive folk-rock brimming with evocative lyrics and a panoramic musicality.

The fiercely independent twosome’s new album, Invisible Forces, was self-produced, fan-funded and recorded at Elie and Eleanor’s home studio in Beacon, NY and at Old Soul Studio in Catskill, NY. The album explores a deeply personal and political landscape, with messages of hope, despair and social consciousness.

The leadoff single, “Fat Cat” has antecedents in Elie’s French background and the old-time gypsy jazz tradition back in his hometown while the satirical, anti-capitalist sentiment of the lyrics is firmly rooted in the protest songs of the folk revival. Other album highlights include the impressionistic “These Houses;” the revelatory “Heavy” which, with elegant grace, connects New Orleans-style jazz with the 1960s rock and pop harmony vocal tradition; the darkly foreboding environmental ballad, “Garden;” and the concluding track, the sweetly rousing protest song “Bells.”

Since its 2007 inception, The Whispering Tree has issued two albums and two EPs, and toured nationally and internationally. The duo has also earned prime critical acclaim from Keyboard Magazine and The Big Takeover Magazine, among others. Other marquee career moments include being Kerrville New Folk finalists; Philadelphia Songwriter’s Project winners; and Eleanor and Elie having the honor to lend their voices to Pete Seeger and Lorre Wyatt’s album, A More Perfect Union.

Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith – Many a Thousand

The release of their critically acclaimed second album ‘Night Hours’ in 2016 cemented Jimmy Aldridge and Sid Goldsmith’s reputation as two of the most exciting musicians and social commentators on the British folk scene. Songs have always taken centre stage with Jimmy and Sid and on ‘Many A Thousand’ we see the duo flexing not only their vocal and instrumentation skills, but also their talent as composers. Part of what makes this compelling duo tick is a love of traditional folksong and a mutual passion for the history that is carried in the music.

On ‘Many A Thousand’ the past and present sit side by side, with original songs more than comfortably holding their own next to the traditional. Another crucial element to this partnership is a shared world-view ? sustainability, traditional crafts and living in tune with the land ? all elements that deeply inform their music.

Braden Gates – Pictures Of Us

BRADEN GATES is writing hard hitting topical songs giving us a street
view of our times and that are delivered with honesty and conviction.
PICTURES OF US is his fourth album – his first release on Borealis

Comanche Moon – Country Music Deathstar

Mark Erikson (MHE): We get asked a lot, “what kind of music do y’all play?” It’s always been kind of a tough question for us because it really has more to do with what we were listening to growing up than it does with current genre categories. In the sense that our sound is country, it’s because we grew up in the country listening to a lot of 90s country like George Strait, Chris LeDoux and Garth Brooks, as well as traditional forms like bluegrass and old cowboy fiddle tunes. But we also listened to a lot of bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Allman Brothers Band, and that kind of music had a huge influence on our sound. So when people ask about our sound, you can spend a paragraph saying that, or you can just call it “Country Music Deathstar.”