“Banker and a Liar” by Driftwood Soldier, from the album “Stay Ahead of the Wolf”

“Banker and a Liar” is a single from Driftwood Soldier’s 2019 album Stay Ahead of the Wolf. The only cover on the album, it was originally written by Greg Cartwright of Reigning Sound and hits an important note railing against corporate greed and pitiful practice of selling your soul for a quick buck.


“The Question” by Anna Tivel, from the album “The Question”

The album’s title track, which challenges notions of religious and gender identity, is the heart of the ten-song collection. “I think a lot of the songs on this record, and that song in particular, are sort of about the struggle of figuring things out, whether it’s how you really feel inside of yourself or questions of identity or of country,” says Tivel. “Maybe the crux of it is that all that time searching and struggling is just as beautiful, even if it’s hard, as any sort of actual answer that you get to.”



“Better by Now” by Benjamin Dakota Rogers, from the album “Better by Now”

Benjamin Dakota Rogers made his highly anticipated return to the folk world with his brand new single, digitally released January 25. Better by Now, strips the genre down to its core and emotionally charges it with raw human experience, immediately earning a top 40 single spot on the Airplay Direct Folk chart. With the release of his new single, this award-winning singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist folk-phenom proves he’s at the top of his game in every way imaginable. 

“Changes” by The Steel Woods, from the album “Old News”

Black Sabbath cover ‘Changes’ which to me initially seemed an odd choice but this soulful take tips a hat to the Charles Bradley version, while Stanton’s bass work is the backbone on which Bayliss and Cope are able to lay down a host of intricate guitar textures. The result is impressive and if you thought you’d heard enough versions of this Sabbath classic you’d be wrong.