“I Want You” by Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band, from the album “The Traveler”

“I Want You” is a thumping, electric ode to love and desire, framed by brassy horns, a bumping bass line, and more than one mind-melting guitar solo from Kenny himself. The new album was cut in Los Angeles during a break from an uncompromising tour schedule that captured Kenny and his band in a locked groove and ready to rock.

“This song is modern blues music to me. Every element is young,” Kenny explains. “This song is the live band, all of us playing in the studio and we’re rockin’ this thing out.”

The Traveler features Kenny, vocalist Noah Hunt, drummer Chris “Whipper” Layton, and Joe Krown. Co-produced by Shepherd and Marshall Altman (Josh Abbott Band, Matt Nathanson), The Traveler features some of the most distinctive music of Kenny Wayne’s storied career and includes several new originals plus fresh takes on Buffalo Springfield’s “Mr. Soul” and Joe Walsh’s “Turn To Stone.”


“Broken” by Ally Venable Band, from the album “Texas Honey”


The album opens with “Nowhere To Hide”, a track with an addicting guitar melody and dynamic vocal line that instantly showcases Ally’s range. The following track, “Broken”, features a crunchy guitar sound and impressive solo. Despite the lyrics, the song is feisty and bold. It is really a fusion of the more high energy songs on the album with the more mellow ones like “Blind to Bad Love” and “One Sided Misunderstanding”

“Mon Ami” by Kelly’s Lot, from the album “Can’t Take My Soul”

‘Can’t Take my Soul’ began as a journey to feature a four piece band without all the bells and whistles of the 9 piece Kelly’s Lot. Wanting more touring in the future, Kelly and Perry knew less players in the band would make that possible. But as the recording process moved forward some songs were asking for more. The French inspired accordion was a must on ‘Mon Ami’ which opened the door to adding a cajun inspired accordion on ‘Woe Is Me’. Kelly asked Perry to dig deep and conquer all the guitar parts but Perry demanded Rob Zucca’s magic on Rise Up (Lève Toi). Broke Myself always screamed for Frank Hinojosa on the Harp to bring an edgy blues track to the album and Bobby Orgel came into to add piano and B3 to 4 songs. Alyssa, who was the inspiration for the 3rd track on the album, was the reason for the background vocals. To honor her family, Kelly included her brother and sister on the track and Jeri Goldenhar stepped in for the 3rd voice.

“Jackson” by The Kate Lush Band, from the album “Headline”


Lovely acoustic start to “Jackson.”  The band comes in to build things up and then we gets some hauntingly cool howls to give the tune authenticity.  Dave Hole delivers a stratospheric slide guitar solo mid way.

The whole album is Modern Blues at its best.

“Two Trains” by Josie Bello, from the album “Can’t Go Home”

One our Favorite ladies recorded some great songs on her album Can’t go Home, this is a example of Josie’s great writing and performing.



“Nothing But The Blues” by John Verity, from the album Where’s the love?



A beautiful Blues ballad  for your delight today.

John Verity, the man and musician who is ‘blue to his soul’ and for years one of the most consistent performers on the blues rock circuit. Opening for Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and others in the USA and then with Argent, he spent time in the studio recording and guesting with amongst many others; Saxon The Zombies, Colin Blunstone and Ringo Starr. John is now experiencing a musical renaissance through live appearances and CD and vinyl releases.


“Do Ya” by Sour Bridges, from the album Neon Headed Fool.

The guys call their music Browngrass, Bluegrass but dirtier.


The whole album is fun and at times funny, Austin Tx. funny.