“Fallen Again” by Vandoliers, from the album “Forever”

Today Country Punky Vandoliers style Americana with “Fallen Again”

The two genres’ incongruity stems from punk’s belief in community and country’s reliance on solitude. Yet Vandoliers mediate the two dissimilarities in “Fallen Again”. Vandoliers’ figurative country character is lone and itinerant, detached from any semblance of community. Their misanthrope is one who has

“been reckless, careless and selfish

Foolish in the ways of love

I woke up downtown, concrete face down

Last night I fucked it all up.”

But unlike standard country, Vandoliers see a community as necessary for recuperation, a clear punk tenet. As Fleming sings,

“I’m still breathing

Barely holding on to the end of my rope…Can you spare some water, brother, I am dry

Can you give me a hand, I’ve fallen again

Teach me to breathe

Give me release

I can’t do this alone.”

Vandoliers imbue the classic country figure with punk’s emphasis on community thereby establishing an individualized take on the two genres.

HOT new single from Bonnie Montgomery feat. Rosie Flores “You Can’t Shake”

EXCITED doesn’t begin to describe how we are about “You Can’t Shake” from Bonnie Montgomery featuring Rosie Flores!  These Ameripolitan Award winners (both living in Austin, TX) teamed up to give you a hot rocker perfect for this hot summer weather!  

Press release:
New Track Produced by Rockabilly Icon Rosie Flores

Award–winning singer/songwriter Bonnie Montgomery has shared her propulsive new single ‘You Can’t Shake’ to be released digitally on August 9.  Produced by country/rockabilly icon Rosie Flores, the track was recorded at yellow DOG Studios in Wimberley, TX.  Not only does ‘You Can’t Shake’ showcase Montgomery’s artistic versatility and vocal prowess, it also features Flores’ extraordinary guitar shredding.  

Of the song, Montgomery says, ‘You Can’t Shake’ is “a song I wrote about resilience and having a spirit that can’t be broken.  Rosie [Flores] heard it and wanted to cut it with me and produce.  I promptly said ‘hell yes’ and she gave it the full rock-n-roll Rosie Flores treatment.”
This is the first new recording from Montgomery since the release of her critically lauded album ‘Forever’ (2018) which drew praise from Paste (“timeless songwriting”), Popmatters (“stunningly authentic, honest-to-goodness songwriting reminiscent of the old country greats”) and more.  The Arkansas native has been touring extensively in support of this release including a continuous run with one of Texas music’s biggest legends, Ray Wylie Hubbard.  In addition, Montgomery recently won the Ameripolitan Outlaw Female of the Year (2016), ACMA Female Vocalist of the Year (2018) and ACMA Americana Artist of the Year (2018/2019).

Though Montgomery is known for her sublime vocals and musical storytelling, the classically trained opera singer also gained notoriety for composing “The Billy Blythe Opera” in 2016. The short-length opera about Bill Clinton’s youth in Hot Springs, AR has earned the attention of The New Yorker, Huffington Post, Christian Science Monitor and more.


“…She really sets herself apart from other traditional women of country and her contemporaries.  Bonnie Montgomery is here telling country music that she is strong-willed and has a true outlaw attitude.” –Country Perspective  

“Bonnie Montgomery is a sophisticated bad-ass who was born to sing.”  -Dale Watson
“She got it goin’ on.”  -Ray Wylie Hubbard

“Montgomery’s music sent listeners through time to the era of Patsy, Loretta and the Hanks…not bad for a girl from small town Arkansas.”–No Depression