Native Harrow – Something You Have (Official Music Video)

Speaking about the single, singer and composer Devin Tuel says ‘Something You Have’ is written “about a relationship where there is an unbalanced amount of focus on one person. Giving and giving, and giving more even after you’ve sworn not to. Some people seem to have a certain magic about them where they can do no wrong. They are never punished for being a bad friend, lover, child, sibling, etc. I really started protecting my heart and my time this year and at the same time ruminated on the desire I always have to experience emotion as someone else. I struggle with anxiety and bouts of the blues and I look at others from time to time and think, “wow I’d love to know what it’s like to feel this the way you do””


“Payday” Video Release – Jim Dan Dee

Hey there, the official video for Payday from Jim Dan Dee is here!!
Filmed at our SOLD OUT LP release show @ Cherry Cola’s Rock’n’Rolla Cabaret & LoungeRyan Brough of Zeebrah truly captured the love exchange between our family of fans and friends.
Also, a  ‘Big Thanks’  to Jesse Karwat and Jules Cardoso for their musical contributions
Like what you hear? Check out the rest of our debut album here.
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Husband & Wife Indie-Rock Duo Turbo Widget Embrace Melancholy Sound in New Video “Love Somebody”

Showing their fearlessness in musical expression and their range in ability, new song and video “Love Somebody” is a sadly sung duet over near-hypnotic pianos.

Love Somebody’ is an example of how we don’t fear to move into uncharted (for us) territory, and our fans seem to truly appreciate that spirit.”

— Kim Hanvy, Turbo Widget

ST. LOUIS, MO, USA, May 3, 2019 — To be in open and honest love with someone and to have those powerful emotions reciprocated is probably the most longed for human experience. St. Louis indie-rock band Turbo Widget, built around a husband and wife combination with other musicians assisting as needed, showcase they understood this drive well in their new song and video “Love Somebody”. With what may take listeners familiar with their past work by surprise is the style “Love Somebody” explores, with haunting vocal over a piano track that inspires a true sense of missing something essential for a fulfilled and happy life.

“We try our best to never got locked in creative cages,” commented Kim from Turbo Widget, “We create music that Ben and I enjoy and lets us express part of ourselves to the world. ‘Love Somebody’ is an example of how we don’t fear to move into uncharted (for us) territory and our fans seem to truly appreciate that spirit.”

The video for “Love Somebody” contrasts the lyrics and style of the song with the stirring colors and skull and bones face paint and symbols of Mexico’s “Day of the Dead” celebrations. It’s a masterful choice and combination that makes the song and its message sink in deeper.

Turbo Widget is around five months into releasing a single and video with none even coming close to being a lackluster work. “Love Somebody” certainly stands on its own for all of the best of reasons as well as being a highlight of Turbo Widget’s growing catalog.

The anticipation for what’s coming next is already beginning to rise.


8am Altea, Spain. Easter Saturday 2019. Thunder and Lightning. Rain. Will the Sun ever come out?

Now for reasons best known to Michelle I was requested to be interviewed.

She now knows how the policemen felt during the interview with Sharon Stone in “BASIC INSTINCTS”


Michelle Fortier

Director of Radio Promotion, Marketing & Publicity

Trespass Music – Folk, Americana, Country, Acoustic, Singer-Songwriter

We promote the music and the musicians we’re passionate about. 
Thanks for keeping the music alive!

DJ Spotlight – Richard Slack – TME.FM – Spain

I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Richard by email – that’s one great thing about the internet – and really enjoy his humour! Enjoy learning more about Richard and take a listen to his station!

Richard, tell us a bit about yourself and TME.FM, how long have you been on the air and your location?
What genres does your station play and do you have a favorite genre?
What/who got you started in radio?

“I started buying cd’s almost the day they were first made and have an extremely large collection.
I began selling them on a website I called The Music Emporium and I decided to start a radio station to stream the music I had, not music that was usually played on radios but music that was created by those wonderful journeymen/women who rarely get airplay or fame but deserve it more than most of the multi-millionaire video stars.
The Music Emporium For Music was rather long so the radio became that was 10 years ago.

I was using a hosting service that limited the number of listeners, the amount of Mb’s used etc. So I decided to get my own dedicated server and have unlimited everything, broadcast at 320 kbps so the listeners could hear the music as the artists made it to be listened to and not low-quality tinny 128kbps.

I started reporting to RMR Charts and very quickly I was receiving music left, right and center, most ended up in the trash but I am pleased to say I have been able to help quite a few artists reach #1 and many get their work into the charts.
I now work with some excellent PR companies giving their artists as many spins as possible. Not enough hours in the day, unfortunately. streams from my little studio In Altea, Spain to the world! If only the world listened.
No talking all music because no one would understand my accent.
Although Shoutcast has the station listed as Country (been trying to get it changed for years without luck) the station plays Americana, country, folk, blues, bluegrass and roots, an eclectic schedule that is peppered with some of my favorite songs from years past.
Folk music was my first love but over the years I have been unfaithful and now love almost every genre except Jazz; jazz sounds like great musicians playing badly to me. Oh, and all the music “youngsters” listen to today with “genres” I have never heard of.

TME.FM RADIO broadcasting Americana, country, folk and Blues music in all its forms, 24/7 @ 320 kbps, some of them hits none of them misses. Listen out for your favorites and those that will be your new favorites. A lot unknown/lesser artists mix it with the famous. Listen to the music you didn’t know you wanted to listen to”

Do you have an all time favourite artist? Past/Current – Favourite live concert/show?
So you want me to offend all the friends I have made in the music industry do you Michelle by not naming them?
I will tell you the one album I could not live without.
Out of the Blue by ELO from 1977.

I have not been to a concert since moving to Spain, the artists avoid me like the plague in case I write a review.

What do you do in your spare time? Any other favourites besides radio?
Keeping the wife happy (by cooking) and
reading while listening to music. Walking without listening to music.

Is there anything folks can do to help your station stay on the air? is non-profit making and all the bills are paid by the station but we do have a little button thingy on our website where you can buy a coffee for the hard working staff, we drink a lot of coffee, probably our greatest expense. A little from a lot can go a long way.

Where can people tune in?  
There they can listen direct or download a file to play the radio on their favorite media player, we are also on TuneIn and shoutcast.
Social media to stay in touch?
I usually try to answer Facebook messenger immediately but sometimes I am asleep
Twitter @TMEfmRadio
I love receiving emails at [email protected]

And the most important question last, WHY?
Why do I spend every spare second on my radio station, why do I spend my hard earned money on a station that does not have hundreds of listeners.
Because I love to help all those wonderful artists who produce great music and never make the “big time” and probably don’t want to.
I love to receive a thank you, I love to read their social media when they get into the charts. You can feel their excitement, it is something money cannot buy.
I love music!      LISTEN  HERE 

The Waterboys Release Video for New Single “Where The Action Is”; Album Out 5/24 via Cooking Vinyl

The Waterboys Strut Through Streets of Tokyo In Video For New Single
 “Where The Action Is”
New Album
Where The Action Is
 Out May 24 via Cooking Vinyl
Photo by Xavier Mercade
Following the release of last month’s single “Right Side Of Heartbreak (Wrong Side Of Love),” The Waterboys released today the video for “Where The Action Is,” the title track and new single from their forthcoming album out May 24th via Cooking Vinyl.

“It began as a kind of mixtape album that I was going to put out almost privately,”
Waterboys founder and front man Mike Scott told Billboard. “After I finished the last record I had a number of instrumentals left over, and I started playing with those and putting vocals over them. Then a couple of them turned into actual songs and little by little what began as a mash-up mixtape record turned into a regular Waterboys record of serous songs.”
The title for “Where The Action Is” was inspired by the chorus of Robert Parker’s 1960s mod / northern soul classic “Let’s Go Baby”. The track’s update – with new lyrics by  – is a cyclone of a song, all storming drums, skyscraping guitar solos played by Steve Wickham on his fuzzboxed-up violin, and wild soulful female vocals provided by the band’s fabulous Jess Kavanagh and Zeenie Summers.
It’s an exciting introduction to a 10-song, genre-defying album that is itself a testament to the enduring talents of Mike Scott and his band. One of the finest British songwriters of the past four decades, Scott’s songs have been covered and/or recorded by artists including Prince, who crafted two different arrangements of the classic “The Whole Of The Moon”, Rod Stewart, Tom Jones, Steve Earle, and Ellie Goulding, who had a number three hit in 2013 with “How Long Will I Love You”.
Diverse in breadth, Where The Action Is is an album of incredible songwriting, experimentation and musical brilliance. It will excite Waterboys fans and new converts alike.
Pre-order Where The Action Is HERE and download “Right Side Of Heartbreak (Wrong Side Of Love)” and “Where The Action Is” now.
1. Where The Action Is
2. London Mick
3. Out Of All This Blue
4. Right Side Of Heartbreak (Wrong Side Of Love)
5. In My Time On Earth
6. Ladbroke Grove Symphony
7. Take Me There I Will Follow You
8. And There’s Love
9. Then She Made The Lasses-O
10. Piper At The Gates Of Dawn
Where The Action Is will be available on CD, Deluxe 2xCD, LP, digital download and streaming services with exclusive bundles also available from the Official Store.
Tour Dates:
May 19 – Millenium Forum, Derry, UK
May 20 – Ulster Hall, Belfast, UK
May 22 – The Forum, Bath, UK
May 23 – The Hay Festival, Hay-on-Wye, UK
May 24 – Roundhouse, London, UK
May 25 – Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK
May 27 – Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool, UK
May 28 -Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, UK
May 29 – Sage, Gateshead, UK
June 27 – Auditori de Burjassot, Valencia, Spain
June 29 – Plataforma de Gredos, Avila, Spain
June 30 – Noches Del Botanico, Madrid, Spain
Aug 8 – Cropredy Festival, Oxford, UK
Sept 5 – Skye Live Festival, Isle of Skye, UK
Sept 6 – Aberdeen Music Hall, Aberdeen, UK
Sept 7 – Glasgow Barrowland, Glasgow, UK
Download Single Art HERE and Album Art HERE
Follow The Waterboys:
For more information, please contact:
Sonny Bailey-Lemansky ([email protected])
Erik Andersen ([email protected])
Michael Krumper ([email protected])
at Missing Piece Group (862) 234-0801


To quote Kenn – “Live In L.A.” came together almost by accident. After attending Far-West in Los Angeles, I got a gig at Kulak’s Woodshed in North Hollywood. An impromptu partnership with LA Family Housing resulted in a benefit concert for those struggling with homelessness in the greater Los Angeles area. With the support of Sandy Jacobson at Backstage: Los Angeles on LA Talk Radio, the stage was set.

There, on the edge of Laurel Canyon, with the taste of smoke still drifting in from the remnants of the Malibu fire, Paul Kulak and his crew did a great job recording this live concert before an attentive and enthusiastic audience at his fabled establishment.


DJs and Music Critics are Loving White Owl Red’s new album ‘Existential Frontiers’

Honest, gritty, poignant and powerful, this album unites elements of Americana, Alt.Country and Indie Folk traditions, to take the listener on an unforgettable musical journey.


Album Reviews:

“the artist worth watching…melodic and mesmerizing… superb songs”

Lee Zimmerman, Music Critic & Author ‘Americana Music

“the album tackles deep questions with music inspired by the Wild West mythos…postmodern attitude…brainy…politically-aware”

Bobby Moore, Music Critic

“The perfect album for a road trip… the tracks all bear repeated listening.”

Alan Fitter, AmericanaUK

Delightful…Dylanesque…McManus is a wordsmith…sweet delivery and ability to

craft memorable language that sticks in your mind.”

Jeff Monk, Winnipeg Free Press


“This is clearly a band on the rise…as good as any on today’s Americana scene”

Jim Hynes, Music Critic


“beautifully orchestrated…fresh…catchy, and highly differentiated songs…very handsome album”



“beautiful stories…takes the listener on a fascinating Americana trip..recalls young Dylan”

Cis van Looy,




White Owl Red is the San Francisco based music of singer/songwriter Josef McManus. It features drums by Kyle Caprista (Chuck Prophet, Megan Slankard) and Guitars by Gawain Mathews (Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead, and Ben Lee). Americana Ash, White Owl Red’s first album debuted on the Americana Music Association Charts (AMA) and remained there for 14 weeks in 2014. Naked and Falling, the second studio album by White Owl Red received international acclaim and airplay in 2017 and 2018. It charted on the AMA top 100 Chart, the FAR Chart top 10, and the Root 64 airplay chart top 20. Naked and Falling was ranked in the top 100 albums of 2017 by Alternate Root Magazine.

New JJ Cale Album, ‘Stay Around,’ Set for April Release

The posthumous collection of unreleased material is the first new Cale album in a decade.
cale gp

A new JJ Cale album featuring previously unreleased material, Stay Around, will be released in April.

The singer, songwriter and guitarist, who wrote “Call Me the Breeze,” a hit for Lynyrd Skynyrd, and “After Midnight” and “Cocaine,” made famous by Eric Clapton, died in July 2013 at 74.

Compiled by his widow, the musician Christine Lakeland Cale, and his friend and longtime manager Mike Kappus, Stay Around is set for an April 26 release via Because Music. It’s the first new Cale album since 2009’s Roll On.

You can check out the album’s first single, “Chasing You,” below.

 ” ‘Roll On,’ the title track of Cale’s last studio album, was 34 years old,” Kappus said about Stay Around. “He would burn me CDs of demos, and one time I said, ‘You’ve got two good albums on here.’ Some of the tracks had detailed information, some of them had nothing. Some songs might be a full band of his buddies, others were him playing everything. These were songs he really did intend to do something with because they were carried to his typical level of production for release.”

In compiling Stay Around, Lakeland Cale said, “I wanted to find stuff that was completely unheard to max-out the ‘Cale factor,’ using as much that came from John’s ears and fingers and his choices as I could, so I stuck to John’s mixes. You can make things so sterile that you take the human feel out. But John left a lot of that human feel in. He left so much room for interpretation.”

You can check out the album art and full tracklist for Stay Around below.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 1.42.54 PM

JJ Cale Stay Around track list:

1. Lights Down Low

2. Chasing You

3. Winter Snow

4. Stay Around

5. Tell You ‘Bout Her

6. Oh My My

7. My Baby Blues

8. Girl Of Mine

9. Go Downtown

10. If We Try

11. Tell Daddy

12. Wish You Were Here

13. Long About Sundown

14. Maria

15. Don’t Call Me Joe

OFFICIAL VIDEO-Danny Burns- “Let It Go” ft.Sam Bush & Jerry Douglas

Sam Bush and Jerry Douglas both perform on North Country’s kickoff track, “Let It Go,” whose lyrics tell the story of two lovers drinking up the nightlife of New Orleans.

Don’t call Danny Burns a newcomer.
Two decades before releasing his 2018 debut, North Country — a collaborative album filled with appearances by icons like Jerry Douglas, Sam Bush, and Tift Merritt— he kicked off his career as a traveling folksinger, logging shows on both sides of the Atlantic. He’s been on the road ever since, sharpening a sound that mixes the folk traditions of his native Ireland with diverse American influences.