Stanley Brinks – Peanuts

Sometimes you just run out of ideas and names and you call your album Peanuts. I’m okay with it though Stanley Brinks certainly doesn’t need my approval. The songwriter’s been having a blast recently, making folksy good-time records with the Wave Pictures; this solo record offers an all alone iteration of his quixotic anti-folk… Continue reading

Moore Moss Rutter – III

  The rule of three has been observed in art and society since antiquity. Omni trium perfectum runs the Latin phrase: everything that comes in threes is perfect. The three movements of a classical concerto; the three ghosts in A Christmas Carol; the tripartite nature of any fairy tale worth its salt.… Continue reading

loreena mckennitt – lost souls

Loreena McKennitt’s simple explanation for the 12-year break between new albums of original material is that “life happens” — touring to support her previous releases, caring for her late mother, researching another musical project. But McKennitt is back with the May 11 release of her 10th studio album Lost Souls. “I had a… Continue reading

Bryony Griffith – Hover

‘Hover’ is Bryony Griffith’s brand new solo album of Traditional Tunes for an English Fiddle player. Recorded by Ian Stephenson at Simpson Street Studios, Northumberland and featuring him on guitar and double bass. Bryony Griffith is a highly respected fiddle player and distinctive singer with a broad repertoire of traditional… Continue reading