“Unanswered Questions” by Dylan LeBlanc, not on the album “”Renegade”

“Will we meet again, long after the end?” asks Dylan LeBlanc in the new song “Unanswered Questions,” released via ATO Records on Tuesday. And though the Louisiana native’s latest is a weeper that wrestles with the mystery of what becomes of us when we die, the video feels more like a celebration… Continue reading

“Return to Windy Mountain” by Sideline, from the album “”Return to Windy Mountain”

      Mountain Home Music Company has produced a new music video from Sideline, for their latest single, Return To Windy Mountain. The song comes courtesy of Delnora Lynn Reed and Carl Jackson, and tells of a young man who moves from his West Virginia home on Windy Mountain, vowing never to… Continue reading

“Can’t Go Home” by Josie Bello, from the album “Can’t Go Home”

Clever,beautiful,well made,heart breaking and intelligent and that’s the description of one of TMEfm  Radio’s favorite artists, the video is damn good too.    The video and the song “Can’t Go Home” represent the feelings I have whenever I return back to the neighborhood where I grew up. My childhood home… Continue reading

“Dystopian Dreams” by Ernie Hendrickson, from the album “Roll On”

  Recorded live on the floor with the most minimal of overdubs, Roll On represents Ernie’s art at its most direct carefully worked out. This is not a paradox, this combination of craft and spontaneity. The contributions of Brian Deck, who has helmed great recordings by Americana and rock artists Iron &… Continue reading

“Promised Land” by Heathcote Hill, from the album “Fight Another Day”

  Fresh from the top of the playlist that is the brand new album Fight Another Day, Promised Land kicks things off with a heavy folk-rock, Americana-soaked core, and a contrastingly delicate, soulful vocal that’s quickly inviting. As the track builds, it gathers momentum in a natural, organic and brilliantly entrancing manner.… Continue reading