Gareth Owen – Rolling By

AT 81 YEARS OF AGE, PRIZE-WINNING POET, NOVELIST, BBC BROADCASTER AND PLAYWRIGHT, ISSUES ALBUM OF HIS OWN COUNTRY SONGS. GARETH OWEN has published some seven volumes of poetry, of which over a hundred have appeared in various anthologies. For a number of years he was the popular presenter of the… Continue reading

Yasmin Williams – Unwind

In her debut album, “Unwind,” fingerstyle guitarist Yasmin Williams expands the sonic capabilities of the acoustic guitar and reimagines what’s possible on the instrument. Album Notes “Watching Yasmin Williams perform is mesmerizing. Her music is gorgeously mellow and rhythmic, but the most captivating part of her performance is the way… Continue reading

Allison Bencar – On The Run

Allison Bencar- By Jim Asker “Where I’m going no one knows and fewer souls dare to go..I’m just headed where the wind blows”-Allison Bencar The Allison Bencar story begins in Cleveland, Ohio. That makes total sense, considering that many of the great Rock historians believe that Rock n’ Roll was… Continue reading

BB Factory – First World Blues

A cracking live band with seasoned international musos oozing from their ranks, playing original contemporary & progressive blues/roots BB Factory released their debut full length all original album “First World Blues” in May 2018 with every single released so far peaking at #1 on the iTunes Blues/Roots charts.   Harold… Continue reading

Becky Kapell – That Certain Ache

For Becky Kapell, the truth was out there. “I was listening to Terry Gross interview David Duchovny when The X Files were coming out again,” Kapell recalls. “She asked him about the relationship between Scully and Mulder, and he said, ‘Well, it definitely had that certain ache.’ And I just really liked… Continue reading