“Hi-Fi Love” by Chris & Adam Carroll, from the album “Good Farmer”

    “Harmony” in music is really a pretty simple concept. Sing the notes, practice, and (hopefully) make beautiful music together. “Chemistry,” on the other hand, eludes easy definition, which is maybe part of the reason it’s so difficult to attain. Chris and Adam Carroll have that chemistry. Not because… Continue reading

“Talking Reality Television Blues” by Todd Snider, from the album “Cash Cabin Sessions, Vol. 3”

Recording in the late Johnny Cash’s mancave, Snider slings wit, targets hypocrisy, interrogates the blues, and sees ghosts, with Amanda Shires and Jason Isbell assisting.  Punchlines fly from the get-go (there’s no Vol. 1 or 2), with humanity the usual butt of the jokes, though Trump’s a target, too. Take “Talking Reality Television… Continue reading